So I was driving home today and totally missed my turn because I was mentally debating which Hollywood actors would play the characters in my novel. Oh well, the day dream was worth the extra 10 minutes it took to get home.

Now seriously. This is starting to get ridiculous.

I debated even sharing this with all of you as I didn’t want to come off as so egocentric to think that my nonexistent novel is worth that sort of notoriety. If nothing less, it was an unintentional, but very effective way to help develop characters. I would strongly recommend it to anyone!


6 thoughts on “OBSESSED! Part Two

  1. Don’t worry, I won’t judge. Visualizing your characters as familiar faces (celebrities) really helps when you are first trying to flesh them out. (And if movie studios ever ask you for casting advice, you will have your answers ready). I have done the same thing. Glad to know I am not the only one.

  2. Although I also indulged in that kind of “whatifery” while I was writing the first novel, I don’t watch any TV at all and very few movies, so my speculations involved generic production and post-production stuff, with no name-brand faces. I was a couple of years into writing the book before I accidentally ran across a fairly well known Irish actor who I think could pull off the role of the male lead, but I never tried looking at anybody to play the female lead or the male and female supporting roles. And the money would be nice, but I would find it very hard to sign away rights and see some screenwriter make hash out of my story. (I think Hollywood prefers their authors to be dead, because of that!) What I did end up doing was finding a caricature-drawing website and constructing faces for those four characters.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I agree, I’m not sure how I would feel about my novel being disassembled and recreated for tv/film. I firmly believe that I have never come across a movie that was written nearly as well as the novel. Sad that writing is butchered for entertainment purposes, but true.

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