The Flow of Life: A Reflection of Resolutions

So the world as we know it continues on. The doomsdayers finish up their sulking and carry on with their plans of improving the bomb shelter. Another year. I guess I need to dig out my resolution list from last year, blow the dust off, and add to it as nothing much needs to be deleted. Hmm. Predictable. 

A quick reflection  and status update of 2012 resolutions. Well, actually a few things DO need to be deleted. Yay for me as I give myself a patronizing pat on the back.

My finance and I are now first time home owners. Check. We have somewhat improved the quality of our life from what it was a year ago. Check. Our lives are de-stressed. Uncheck. The business that we own and operate continues to function without bankrupting us. Yet. Check. I started that tutoring company I have been talking about doing for two years. Uncheck. I have starting writing and wrote my first novel. Kind of uncheck….I started blogging so that counts for half of a completed goal.

I love rationalizing failure. Just ask my finance.

Completing my master’s degree. Check. Getting engaged and becoming one step further away from living in sin. (Whew.) Check. Build our collection of antiques so when we are old and social security has vaporized, we have something to sell so we can buy Depends. Check.

And drumroll…..the long awaited 2013 resolutions. I love how in the beginning of a year we are so enthusiastic about setting ourselves up for failure by defining all of these unrealistic goals.

Anyhow, onto the list. As a side note, I am fully aware that no one gives a damn about my life or its inadequacies, so rest assured this list is just a public way of holding myself accountable. I don’t expect anyone to really care. 🙂

1. Lose weight. Predictable, I know but it’s an old classic of the past 20 years.

2. Exercise more. Let’s be honest…..exercise at all would be an improvement. Another classic.

3. Blog everyday. Succeeded with this so far but again it has only been 2 days. Not quite time to celebrate.

4. Write the novel. If you are reading this, you know how that is coming and are most likely tired of hearing about it already.

5. Tutoring company. I’m REALLY going to do it this year.

6. Work towards becoming real-life Brandi and Jared from Storage Wars with my finance. Or at least make the time to go on a real damn vacation.

7. Stop living in sin and throw in wedding plans to the always ridiculously packed life schedule.

8. Do something amazing in honor of the great man my father was who recently past away.

9. Spend more quality time with my mom.

10. Show my finance how much I love him and appreciate him. Every day. And continue to make special memories together with him that will last a lifetime.


Ugh, how is it I begin my Resolution List as a smart ass and end it a weeping mess. Ha, such is life. Hope you enjoyed.




2 thoughts on “The Flow of Life: A Reflection of Resolutions

  1. What a great time to write the novel! Writing is therapeutic, and will help de-stress your life (writing my first novel helped me cope with grad school and a variety of other challenges), so it may even help you lose that weight!

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