Help me….I’m losing my high!!

I knew it was inevitable. I just thought it could last a bit longer. The euphoria. The excitement.

Yes, unfortunately the reality of trying to squeeze writing into my already over-scheduled life is creeping her ugly head around the corner. I know what I need to do. Everyone says the same thing. Schedule, schedule, schedule. Oh….and goals, goals, goals. My general resolution of writing in 2013 I guess is no longer “cutting it”.

So, again to help hold myself publicly accountable, here are my schedule and goals. I need to blog everyday, but I just honestly don’t think that I can come up with 365 witty posts- it just seems to be too much to ask even of the most intellectually superior beings. So I have revised my goals to blog every day- three posts a week and commenting on others the remaining four days. Three posts a week will hopefully keep my followers loyal. I may develop some sort of interactive writing activity the other days as well, I will work on that as well.

As for the writing of the novel, I want to have my outline complete by the end of the month. I will then shoot for writing one chapter a month. I ideally want to write more than one novel this year, but I figure to switch things up and actually underestimate my goals instead of setting unrealistic goals as I typically do. By doing it this way, I will hopefully pleasantly surprise myself.

Ok, ready, set, go me!!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Help me….I’m losing my high!!

    • Wow, how true. I think I am learning that as I am laying here on the couch after another long day sticking to my resolution of writing. Yay for all of us writing survivors!!!

  1. Shucks, don’t worry about talking to us. The novel is the important thing. So, if we don’t hear from you, we know you’ve stepped through a portal to the Parallel Universe, and you’ll come back later to tell us all about what you saw there.

  2. Hey Kim, want you to know there are others out there who can identify. Shortly after my wife and I married in 98, I started taking the writing more seriously and trying to get published. But as the major bread winner of the family, finding time was difficult! difficult! difficult! My circumstances have changed, though I still have to work as many others do, but I have developed a method to supersede the madness. I outline extensively!! When ready to write, I arrange for several days off from my job and that’s what I do, I finish first drafts in a week or so. I might spend a couple of months in the evenings after work rewriting and adding details, but I try to get everything out while it is fresh. Anyhow, think about your life, what you want, and how you can make it happen. hope that helps some. Oh, I kind of blogged about this once, here’s the article title: If you can stop then stop. if you can’t, you’re a writer!

    • Wow, thanks for the great advice. I am learning that it is so hard to juggle writing with a busy life. However, stories like your show me that it can be done with a little planning and follow through. And I will definitely check out your blog about this. Thanks again!

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