Oh, you are up at 3am? You must be writing your novel.

tired pic

Hello, writing friends. I am writing you with a nice, refreshed mind this morning. Unbelievably, I actually slept a full night last night and didn’t wake up to write.

Not even once!

For the past week, every night I would go to bed around midnight and every morning I would wake up at 3am.




I would lay in bed and my novel would slowly creep into my head as much as I mentally protested it and then, it was all over.  I was wide awake and by 7am, I had pages of research notes taken or had worked on my outline.

So as a result, by last night I had a total of 9 hours of sleep over three days (minus an hour here or there for a catnap due to exhaustion), I was on the brink of delirium. Maybe I slept last night not because my body was returning to its original, pre-writing being, but because I was simply exhausted.

So I suppose tonight we will see which of my theories are correct. I sure am hoping for the first. 

After my experience with writer’s insomnia this past week and in the past when I write, I am curious to this phenomenon. I suppose that you are mercy to the “muse” and need to respect, listen and be a slave to her whenever she beckons, even at 3am.

And the worst part of this whole debacle is, I actually enjoyed writing in the middle of the night. My mind is clear and the world is quiet. A beautiful, balanced place for writing.

This saddens me greatly though because I depend on sleep like a child and if I don’t get at least 7 hours a night, I am a dysfunctional human being. However, even more than my desire for rest, is my desire to become a successful writer. So here is to many more early mornings and tired afternoons!

Let me know if you struggle with writer’s insomnia as well and how you cope with it!



Breaking News Alert! Missing Writer Found Alive in Her Home After 17 Months!

“This morning, shortly before dawn, the missing novelist, Kimberly Mellor, was found on WordPress posting her first blog in a year and a half. Authorities state that she explained that life kidnapped her and she was able to escape unscathed with the exception of a slightly bruised ego.”

Hello, friends. I am back. After a year and a half absence, I am back to blog and to continue the journey of writing my first novel. I would love to report that I have indeed been kidnapped and have a fantastic story to accompany with exciting details. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Was I snatched up in the parking lot of the local grocery store after a late night shopping trip?


Did I mysteriously disappear after my routine morning jog?

No. (And as my daily jog involves walking on my treadmill in my home, this likelihood is even less).

Simply put, my life has kidnapped me and held me hostage for the past 17 months. And I have let it.

Since I wrote my last blog, I am now happily married and my husband and I have closed one business and started 4 others. And among various other twists and turns in life, I let my writing unfortunately take a back seat to my life. I know that this is a common struggle with writers, the life/writing balancing act. As it appears, I have been less successful than others at the moment.

So I have pulled myself back out of the “hole” and I am moving towards the bright light in the sky once again. No, not the sun. My gleaming perpetual novel. And yes, some days I do view it as this shiny object far in the sky that I am ever struggling to reach and touch. But even though I can’t yet touch it, I continue to desire it deeply. Welcome back, me.

Not only have I missed writing, but I have missed reading and learning from my writer friends. So here is to another opportunity to blog about my journey as I begin my first novel. I look forward to hearing from all of you! Please share with me your struggles on balancing life with writing. Any tips you have for me and my fellow newbie writers are much appreciated!