Oh, you are up at 3am? You must be writing your novel.

tired pic

Hello, writing friends. I am writing you with a nice, refreshed mind this morning. Unbelievably, I actually slept a full night last night and didn’t wake up to write.

Not even once!

For the past week, every night I would go to bed around midnight and every morning I would wake up at 3am.




I would lay in bed and my novel would slowly creep into my head as much as I mentally protested it and then, it was all over.  I was wide awake and by 7am, I had pages of research notes taken or had worked on my outline.

So as a result, by last night I had a total of 9 hours of sleep over three days (minus an hour here or there for a catnap due to exhaustion), I was on the brink of delirium. Maybe I slept last night not because my body was returning to its original, pre-writing being, but because I was simply exhausted.

So I suppose tonight we will see which of my theories are correct. I sure am hoping for the first. 

After my experience with writer’s insomnia this past week and in the past when I write, I am curious to this phenomenon. I suppose that you are mercy to the “muse” and need to respect, listen and be a slave to her whenever she beckons, even at 3am.

And the worst part of this whole debacle is, I actually enjoyed writing in the middle of the night. My mind is clear and the world is quiet. A beautiful, balanced place for writing.

This saddens me greatly though because I depend on sleep like a child and if I don’t get at least 7 hours a night, I am a dysfunctional human being. However, even more than my desire for rest, is my desire to become a successful writer. So here is to many more early mornings and tired afternoons!

Let me know if you struggle with writer’s insomnia as well and how you cope with it!