Breaking News Alert! Missing Writer Found Alive in Her Home After 17 Months!

“This morning, shortly before dawn, the missing novelist, Kimberly Mellor, was found on WordPress posting her first blog in a year and a half. Authorities state that she explained that life kidnapped her and she was able to escape unscathed with the exception of a slightly bruised ego.”

Hello, friends. I am back. After a year and a half absence, I am back to blog and to continue the journey of writing my first novel. I would love to report that I have indeed been kidnapped and have a fantastic story to accompany with exciting details. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Was I snatched up in the parking lot of the local grocery store after a late night shopping trip?


Did I mysteriously disappear after my routine morning jog?

No. (And as my daily jog involves walking on my treadmill in my home, this likelihood is even less).

Simply put, my life has kidnapped me and held me hostage for the past 17 months. And I have let it.

Since I wrote my last blog, I am now happily married and my husband and I have closed one business and started 4 others. And among various other twists and turns in life, I let my writing unfortunately take a back seat to my life. I know that this is a common struggle with writers, the life/writing balancing act. As it appears, I have been less successful than others at the moment.

So I have pulled myself back out of the “hole” and I am moving towards the bright light in the sky once again. No, not the sun. My gleaming perpetual novel. And yes, some days I do view it as this shiny object far in the sky that I am ever struggling to reach and touch. But even though I can’t yet touch it, I continue to desire it deeply. Welcome back, me.

Not only have I missed writing, but I have missed reading and learning from my writer friends. So here is to another opportunity to blog about my journey as I begin my first novel. I look forward to hearing from all of you! Please share with me your struggles on balancing life with writing. Any tips you have for me and my fellow newbie writers are much appreciated!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I have just been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award by Time to Write. I have enjoyed and appreciated his posts about his writing experiences very much. Here is his link and please check him out!

I appreciate the community of writers and readers here on WordPress.

Here are the rules of the award:
1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

7 Things About Me
I love traveling with my finance.
I love antiquing.
I have a black lab.
I love writing fiction.
I love reading.
I grew up in Pittsburgh.
I enjoy running and developing businesses.

15 Blogs to Explore

These bloggers have been encouraging to me.

Cheers to 8 days of New Year’s Resolutions! May we still be following them in a week!! :-)

Let's cheers to 8 days of New Year's Resolutions! May we still be following them in a week!! :-)

To all of my fellow bloggers. It is not easy. Nothing good in life is. Keep it up. Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are. Keep saying no to the hamburger. Keep saying yes to the treadmill. And most importantly, keep saying yes to writing!! Every day!! Yay, we can do it! ( Hmm….I think I make a pretty good virtual cheerleader!) 🙂

Help me….I’m losing my high!!

I knew it was inevitable. I just thought it could last a bit longer. The euphoria. The excitement.

Yes, unfortunately the reality of trying to squeeze writing into my already over-scheduled life is creeping her ugly head around the corner. I know what I need to do. Everyone says the same thing. Schedule, schedule, schedule. Oh….and goals, goals, goals. My general resolution of writing in 2013 I guess is no longer “cutting it”.

So, again to help hold myself publicly accountable, here are my schedule and goals. I need to blog everyday, but I just honestly don’t think that I can come up with 365 witty posts- it just seems to be too much to ask even of the most intellectually superior beings. So I have revised my goals to blog every day- three posts a week and commenting on others the remaining four days. Three posts a week will hopefully keep my followers loyal. I may develop some sort of interactive writing activity the other days as well, I will work on that as well.

As for the writing of the novel, I want to have my outline complete by the end of the month. I will then shoot for writing one chapter a month. I ideally want to write more than one novel this year, but I figure to switch things up and actually underestimate my goals instead of setting unrealistic goals as I typically do. By doing it this way, I will hopefully pleasantly surprise myself.

Ok, ready, set, go me!!! 🙂

The Flow of Life: A Reflection of Resolutions

So the world as we know it continues on. The doomsdayers finish up their sulking and carry on with their plans of improving the bomb shelter. Another year. I guess I need to dig out my resolution list from last year, blow the dust off, and add to it as nothing much needs to be deleted. Hmm. Predictable. 

A quick reflection  and status update of 2012 resolutions. Well, actually a few things DO need to be deleted. Yay for me as I give myself a patronizing pat on the back.

My finance and I are now first time home owners. Check. We have somewhat improved the quality of our life from what it was a year ago. Check. Our lives are de-stressed. Uncheck. The business that we own and operate continues to function without bankrupting us. Yet. Check. I started that tutoring company I have been talking about doing for two years. Uncheck. I have starting writing and wrote my first novel. Kind of uncheck….I started blogging so that counts for half of a completed goal.

I love rationalizing failure. Just ask my finance.

Completing my master’s degree. Check. Getting engaged and becoming one step further away from living in sin. (Whew.) Check. Build our collection of antiques so when we are old and social security has vaporized, we have something to sell so we can buy Depends. Check.

And drumroll…..the long awaited 2013 resolutions. I love how in the beginning of a year we are so enthusiastic about setting ourselves up for failure by defining all of these unrealistic goals.

Anyhow, onto the list. As a side note, I am fully aware that no one gives a damn about my life or its inadequacies, so rest assured this list is just a public way of holding myself accountable. I don’t expect anyone to really care. 🙂

1. Lose weight. Predictable, I know but it’s an old classic of the past 20 years.

2. Exercise more. Let’s be honest…..exercise at all would be an improvement. Another classic.

3. Blog everyday. Succeeded with this so far but again it has only been 2 days. Not quite time to celebrate.

4. Write the novel. If you are reading this, you know how that is coming and are most likely tired of hearing about it already.

5. Tutoring company. I’m REALLY going to do it this year.

6. Work towards becoming real-life Brandi and Jared from Storage Wars with my finance. Or at least make the time to go on a real damn vacation.

7. Stop living in sin and throw in wedding plans to the always ridiculously packed life schedule.

8. Do something amazing in honor of the great man my father was who recently past away.

9. Spend more quality time with my mom.

10. Show my finance how much I love him and appreciate him. Every day. And continue to make special memories together with him that will last a lifetime.


Ugh, how is it I begin my Resolution List as a smart ass and end it a weeping mess. Ha, such is life. Hope you enjoyed.



Where is the damn light?!!!


Today is my official second day of keeping a journal entry. The extra writing practice is said to help me become a successful published author one day.  That “one day” at this point is not even close to the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”.

 I haven’t found the tunnel yet, let alone the light.

This is characteristic of my life- wandering aimlessly towards an unknown destination for the entirety of my life. I know that I want to get there, but I simply do not know where “that” is. My journey towards the tunnel is like making a journey from Los Angeles to New York City dragging my 34 years of baggage behind me (which equal at least 25 suitcases and not the ones with the wheels either).

As I trek across the desert with my lifelong baggage, the sun blares her eternal heat on me in hundreds of judgmental rays that each have an own voice. These voices each belong to a different critic in my childhood and adulthood. As my music blares from my headset to block out the voices, I continue on my trek with all the sweat and tears (hopefully no blood barring any mishaps) to my tunnel.

I am now in that place on my journey.

I am not new to writing in general. I felt that I have always had a gift for it, or maybe it just was the best way that I was able to communicate. I was always a quiet child and when I did talk, I typically was a nervous wreck and stuttered my way through a sentence. Writing allowed me to communicate comfortably.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. I am still getting used to the idea that someone actually wants to read my writing, let alone find it interesting.

Handle with Care

One of my lifelong goals has to become a known writer, possibly published one day. So at 34 years of age, I am making that leap into the world. I am new to the blog world, so I am going to get my feet wet with posting some of my first journal entry writings and go from there!! I look forward to meeting  great people with similar goals and interests!

So, this is the beginning of my writing journal. I have been instructed to keep one from the collective self-claimed wisdom of the internet to become a successful beginning writer. I suppose as to an unsuccessful beginning writer in which no one reads my writing or feels it is particularly worthy of being read.  My fear of writing is to reach into your body, grasp onto your soul, outreach your hand to a stranger to take it, love it and cherish it as you have.

These strangers simply look at your writing, the soul of you, and say “Eh, no thanks” and walk away.

That would be the singular reason why I am terrified to begin this journey and thus why I have waited the better part of 15 years to begin my writing career.

Which leads to the question,” Why does oneself write? Is it to be heard or is it to hear oneself?”

Hmm, damn, that was quite insightful. Maybe I am working my way up to one of the self-claimed writing internet gods that I so diligently follow! Consequently, I am beginning to feel the “flow” of creativeness starting so maybe I need to stop being facetious and start respecting those opinions of others. They have at least been able to transfer their thoughts into writing while mine are still buried in my mind under years of self-doubt and fear of judgment.